Short mayan fire bug.
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I✗¢ℎεl Årεval | ℵaℊual | Bruja
(multi-para ⊙ℭ rp, plεasε rεad about and ℎεad¢anons for ¢ℎaractεr info, mun and musε arε 18+)
It's stiℓℓ ℳaℊi¢ ℰven iℱ ٥ﻻu ℜn⊙w h⊙w it's d⊙ne.



The actresses share a giant hug at the X/Yjunket.

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Game Of Thrones gets auto-tuned and it’s goddamned delightful.

I am fucking jumping up and down and nearly crying this is so cool

hoooooooooooly shiiiiiiiiiiit

Game of Thrones: The Musical.

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I don’t know—-.. I think so.” Aiden stutters; groaning as he says so. This whole stabbing thing hurt more than the movies made it out to be. He physically couldn’t breathe without it hurting.


Okay," She breathed out and ran a hand through her hair before hesitantly reaching forward, stopping before contact was made on his person. "That’s actually good. If you can tell you’re healing that means you’re not dying. Which means I can help…if you’ll let me."

Brown eyes glanced up to try and make eye contact, one of her hands falling to rest on Aiden’s hand as her eyes slowly closed and heat emminated from her palm. Ixchel visualized the energy attacking the pain the other was experiencing, absorbing it so that the werewolf’s body would begin to heal faster. 

"My name is Ixchel.." The latina whispered. 


I—.. hate ninjas.”


"Oh Dios mio! Shit, shit shit!" Ixchel quickly knelt by the fallen werewolf, looking momentarily at the dark blood staining his lips. The latina immediately went to dig through her pack.

"Wolfsbane? No, you said ninjas? Shit. Are you healing?" Her mind racing too quickly to think to introduce herself.



Art History Meme - 1/1 - Quote

1 - La Venta Monument 1, Olmec, 100-600 BCE, (weighs 24 tons)
2 - Mayan Portrait of Lord Bird Jaguar Preparing for Battle, (600-900 CE)
3 - “Weighing of the Heart”, Egyptian Book of the Dead. (1550 BCE - 50 BCE)
4 - Cave painting in Lascaux Caves, France
5 - Moai, Easter Island, 1250-1500 CE

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by Joao Segio Barros

Useful to know: the jaws of a jaguar is twice as stronger than that of a lion, and one of the strongest of all mammals, second only to a spotted hyena’s.

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What really terrifies me is the thought that I will always be misunderstood. There will always be a person who thinks that my lack of eye contact means that I’m lying, or that me not recognizing them across the street means that I’m being intentionally rude. I could maybe live with people just thinking this, but the scary thing is that people act on these thoughts, and can feel justified in treating me badly. It won’t matter then that whatever I did was unintentional.

This makes me feel so unsafe, like my life depends on how other people perceive me. This idea is so strong that I’ve retreated as much as I could - I rarely leave the house, am terrified of strangers, I turn down invitations to go out. I want to keep my head down and work. I want to be invisible, but I still long for a companion.

But the world is unsafe, and one day I’ll have to step into it again, and it will be messy. Someone is going to think I’m a bitch, that I’m rude and insensitive, and they will be mean to me, even if what they think isn’t true. I’m not really okay with this fact, and I think it’ll always terrify me, but I need to remember this, and keep living anyway. The world is scary, and people are cruel. But I’m here. People have been cruel to me, and though I am scared, I am here. I can survive whatever the universe throws at me. And if I discover I can’t, then I will rebuild myself until I can.